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Discover the magic of Andalusia at Fay Hotels Victoria Beach: 5 must-see destinations in Malaga capital and Rincón de la Victoria

Welcome to Fay Hotels Victoria Beach, where rest and comfort meet the history and culture of Andalusia. This Andalusia Day, we invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of our land, exploring five points of great tourist interest that will leave you amazed.

1. The Alcazaba of Malaga: A Journey in Time
Start your day exploring the Alcazaba of Malaga, an impressive fortress dating back to the 11th century. This historical treasure will transport you back to Muslim times, offering panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea from its imposing walls.

2. The Picasso Museum: Art in the Heart of Malaga
Immerse yourself in the artistic genius of Pablo Picasso in his hometown. The Picasso Museum houses an extensive collection of masterpieces that chronicle the painter's evolution. Let yourself be inspired by the creativity that permeates the rooms of this unique museum.

3. The Historic Center: Stroll between Tradition and Modernity
Wander the charming streets of Malaga's historic centre, where traditional architecture merges with modern boutiques and cozy cafes. Enjoy Andalusian authenticity as you immerse yourself in the daily life of this vibrant city.

4. Beaches of Rincón de la Victoria: A walk caressing the Mediterranean
Just a few meters from Fay Hotels Victoria Beach, the beaches of Rincón de la Victoria offer you a haven of tranquility. Relax with the sound of the Mediterranean and immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of our sea, creating unforgettable memories in front of the sea. In addition, the renovation of the town's promenade will allow you to take a path under the sun of our town to Cala del Moral.

5. The Treasure Cave: An Underground Mystery
Explore the fascinating Cueva del Tesoro, one of the only caves of underwater origin in Europe. Discover the legends that surround this place as you explore its passageways illuminated by stalactites and stalagmites, creating a unique experience on your trip.

At Fay Hotels Victoria Beach, our commitment is to provide you with a complete experience, fusing the comfort of accommodation with the cultural richness of Andalusia. Celebrate Andalusia Day by exploring these incredible destinations and immerse yourself in the magic this region has to offer.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that these destinations inspire you to explore the best of Malaga and Rincón de la Victoria!
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Christmas in Malaga: The Christmas lights of Malaga and FAY Hotels The perfect combination!

Christmas has arrived in Malaga, and with it, the city lights up with the festive magic of this time of year. One of the most anticipated events during this season is the light show on Calle Larios, which transforms the heart of the city into a dazzling stage. In this article, we'll explore the wonder of Christmas lights, plus discover how you can make the most of your stay at FAY Hotels Victoria Beach.

Discover the magic of Calle Larios.
Every year, Malaga dresses up with the impressive light display on Calle Larios. This emblematic street becomes a luminous canvas that leaves locals and visitors amazed. From flashes of color to festive shapes, angels and the music show that turn your visit to Malaga into a unique experience.

Plan your visit to Malaga and don't miss one of the city's greatest attractions. This year the lights on Calle Larios turn on every day at 6:30 p.m., offering different shows of light shows at 6:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

An experience that can also be combined with other light shows such as the projection of video mapping in the Cathedral of Malaga at 6:45 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

To make your Christmas getaway truly special, why not combine a visit to Calle Larios with a stay at FAY Hotels Victoria Beach? Our hotel offers not only comfort and elegance, but also privileged access to the most beautiful beaches on the Costa del Sol that can be enjoyed almost all year round.

With panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, FAY Hotels Victoria Beach is the perfect destination for those seeking an exclusive experience. The completely renovated rooms, just a few meters from the seashore and with personalized service make this hotel an oasis of luxury during the Christmas season.
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Our town hosts the First Eggs and Potatoes Day at the Bendita Katalina restaurant

The gastronomic space of Añoreta Resort & Golf resumes its cycle of gastronomic days from 25th September to 1st October.

The long-awaited return of Bendita Katalina's new gastronomic days is here. After the summer it comes loaded with flavour, gastronomic tradition and unique evenings. This charming space, located in the heart of the Añoreta Resort Club House, enthusiastically announces the start of its famous gastronomic days, in this case dedicated to Eggs and Potatoes, an event that is sure to conquer the most demanding palates.

The town of R. De la Victoria will witness from 25th September to 1st October these days that will remain engraved for all those lovers of good food, having here an unavoidable appointment.

After the summer period, Bendita Katalina is back in full swing to welcome the autumn season with a focus on local, high-quality produce. This time, the restaurant is filled with authentic aromas and flavours with its focus on two essential ingredients of the cuisine: eggs and potatoes. The choice of these basic ingredients promises to take us on a culinary journey that will awaken our memories and the gastronomic values of our locality.

In these Egg and Potato Days, the Bendita Katalina restaurant has carefully selected eggs from free-range hens and other birds, such as quail or goose, to be the stars of its dishes. In the hands of the talented chef Diego Narbona and his team, these ingredients are transformed into gastronomic creations that will delight all diners.

In addition to the exquisite food, Bendita Katalina offers a unique experience thanks to its charming outdoor terrace, overlooking the golf course of Añoreta Resort & Golf.

To secure your place at this unique gastronomic experience, we recommend that you make your reservation in advance. You can do it quickly and easily through this link:

[Book Now]

Information and reservations:
Av. del Golf S/N. 29730. Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga) / (+34) 951 57 58 93

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FAY Hotels prepares for the Malaga Fair 2023

The Feria de Málaga 2023 will shine once again, filling the Costa del Sol with fun and color!

The Feria de Málaga is one of the most anticipated events of the year on the Costa del Sol, and its 2023 edition promises to be even more exciting and vibrant than ever before. This traditional celebration, held every August, attracts thousands of local and international visitors who seek to enjoy an unforgettable experience filled with music, dance, and Andalusian flavors, making it one of the country's most significant celebrations.

That's why, from FAY Hotels, we want to provide you with more information about what will be one of the most important events of 2023.

A celebration for all audiences

For one week, the city of Málaga transforms into a magical stage that combines the best of Andalusian culture with modern and contemporary touches.

The Feria de Málaga offers a wide range of activities for all ages and tastes. And from FAY Hotels, we invite you to enjoy the traditional "casetas," where you can savor delicious local tapas and wines, as well as the impressive fireworks displays that light up the Malaga sky every night – fun is guaranteed.

During the Feria de Málaga 2023, be sure not to miss some gastronomic hotspots such as Bendita Katalina, Zorrocallao Beach Club, and the Añoreta Golf Course. These places have become benchmarks in the Axarquía - Costa del Sol and offer unique experiences to visitors.

FAY Victoria Beach

With a privileged location facing the Mediterranean Sea, the FAY Victoria Beach hotel offers a luxurious and comfortable experience. Its sea-view rooms and first-class service make it the perfect choice for those seeking high-quality accommodation during the Feria.

Bendita Katalina

For gastronomy enthusiasts, Bendita Katalina is a must-visit restaurant. Located in the heart of Málaga, this cozy place combines Andalusian tradition with a modern twist in its culinary offerings. During the Feria, Bendita Katalina presents its typical dishes with all the flavor of the region.

Añoreta Golf

For those looking for a peaceful and sporty escape, the Añoreta Golf Course is an excellent option. Located in a beautiful natural setting, this course offers an exciting challenge for golf enthusiasts. During the Feria de Málaga, Añoreta Golf organizes special tournaments and activities for golfers who want to combine the fun of the Feria with their passion for this sport.

Source of the photo:

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Discovering the charms of Rincón de la Victoria: An unforgettable Rutista Experience at FAY Hotels Victoria Beach

Rincón de la Victoria, located on the Spanish Costa del Sol, is a tourist destination that offers a perfect combination of history, natural beauty and entertainment. If you are a lover of routes and you are looking for a place to enjoy fascinating landscapes and discover historical sites, look no further.

In this article, from FAY Hotels we want to guide you through the main attractions for tourists in Rincón de la Victoria, while we present you the ideal accommodation option at FAY Hotels Victoria Beach .

1. Scenic Routes:
And it is that Rincón de la Victoria has a wide variety of routes that will delight hiking and cycling enthusiasts. From the Cliff Route, which will take you through impressive cliffs and surprising beaches, to the Montes de Málaga Route, which offers visitors panoramic views of great beauty with unique flora and fauna, each trail will surprise you with its picturesque landscapes. and spectacular views.

2. Hidden Beaches and Coves:
In addition to its beautiful coastline, Rincón de la Victoria is home to a series of beaches and coves that are true treasures. From the popular Playa de Rincón de la Victoria, with its kilometers of sand and water, to the more intimate and quiet coves of Cala del Moral, where you can enjoy sunny days, swim and relax in movie settings.

3. Historical Sites:
Immerse yourself in the history of the region by exploring the historical sites of Rincón de la Victoria. The Cueva del Tesoro Archaeological Ensemble is a must-see, as it is the only underwater cave that can be visited in Europe. Also, you can explore the Castillo de Bezmiliana , an 18th century fortress, and the Torre de Benagalbón , an old defensive tower built during the Muslim era.

4. Local Gastronomy:
The gastronomy of Rincón de la Victoria is another outstanding aspect of the tourist experience in the area. The restaurants and beach bars in the area offer a variety of typical Mediterranean dishes, where fresh fish and shellfish are the stars.

New gastronomic proposals have taken on great relevance in the area, such as Bendita Katalina.

The restaurant space of Añoreta Resort & Golf that is committed to the gastronomy of the area, local products and offers its visitors a series of dishes that will make you travel through the history of Katalina and the flavors most deeply rooted in the Axarquía of Malagueña.

In addition, FAY Hotels Victoria Beach offers the best option for this summer. Zorrocallao Beach Club is a new space where you can spend your best day at the beach, thanks to its hammock service, Balinese beds and loungers, its signature cocktails or its low paellas that will leave you speechless. A space that is also located a few meters from the FAY Hotels Victoria Beach and on the shores of the Malaga Mediterranean.

5. FAY Hotels Victoria Beach:
To fully enjoy your experience in Rincón de la Victoria, you will need modern, comfortable and welcoming accommodation. FAY Hotels Victoria Beach is the ideal choice. Our hotel offers 70 renovated, elegant and comfortable rooms with sea views. In addition, its privileged location will allow you to easily access the routes, beaches and historical sites of the area.

This summer visit Rincón de la Victoria! This summer visit FAY Hotels!

Photo source: Ayto. Rincón de la Victoria

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This summer enjoy Zorrocallao and the July concerts with José Molina

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy moments of leisure, good music and delicious cuisine.

At FAY Hotels Victoria Beach, located in the beautiful Rincón de la Victoria, we have prepared a special program to make your summer an unforgettable experience.

In this blog entry, we invite you to discover our Zorrocallao leisure and gastronomy space, as well as the exciting concerts that will take place every Saturday in July starting at 7:00 p.m., with the outstanding presence of José Molina.

Zorrocallao: A Space to Enjoy the Summer

At FAY Hotels Victoria Beach, we have created Zorrocallao, a magical corner that combines the charm of the sea breeze with the gastronomic offer and entertainment. This leisure space is designed for you to relax and enjoy a unique summer experience. With a modern and cozy decoration, you can enjoy an exquisite selection of dishes from our menu, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Gastronomy that Awakens your Senses

At Zorrocallao, our gastronomic proposal is carefully designed to satisfy the most demanding palates. You will be able to taste a wide variety of dishes, from exquisite tapas to tasty main courses and low paellas that will leave you speechless.

How about enjoying some homemade croquettes, our delicious nettles or a shrimp pie paella? Without a doubt, Zorrocallao will awaken your senses with its authentic flavors and its summer atmosphere.

July concerts with José Molina

At FAY Hotels Victoria Beach, we believe that music is the perfect soundtrack to enjoy the summer. That is why we have prepared a series of concerts every Saturday in July, starting at 7:00 p.m., with the outstanding presence of José Molina, a talented musician and singer recognized for his fresh and energetic style. With its repertoire of songs, we assure you that every Saturday will be a party full of good music and joy.

The festive atmosphere of the concerts, combined with the stamp of the Mediterranean or our signature cocktails, will create a unique and vibrant atmosphere at FAY Hotels Victoria Beach. You will be able to enjoy the performances of José Molina while you relax in our outdoor space, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Without a doubt, these concerts will be the perfect complement to your summer in the Axarquía - Costa del Sol.

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Fay Hotels Group offers you the chance to discover new places. Locations located in the Rincón de la Victoria and that represent an exciting and enriching getaway to your days of stay at our Victoria Beach hotel.

Located a few kilometers from our Fay Victoria Beach hotel and just 10 km from the capital of Malaga, the Cuevas del Tesoro have become one of the main landmarks in Rincón de la Victoria.

Halfway between La Cala del Moral and Rincón de la Victoria, this cave is a must-see for visitors and locals who want to spend an exciting day in the company of friends and the youngest members of the family.

The Cuevas del Tesoro are located in the "El Cantal" area, a geological element that exists in the area and that refers to the cliffs of our town that have existed since the Jurassic era.

There are many myths and stories that focus on the existence of a treasure in the Cuevas del Tesoro, and this natural monument has always been surrounded by magical stories, paranormal phenomena that have kept the personality and unique character of the cave alive. .

Among all of them, stands out the legend that attributes to the location being the owner of an important treasure as a result of the flight of 5 Moorish kings who, escaping from different conflicts in their lands, decided to head towards our coasts with precious luggage (loaded with coins and riches).

Although the attribution of the arrival of the mythical treasure has also been the responsibility of Tasufin Ibn Ali and that has not done more than fuel for centuries the arrival, and at the same time the desire, of intrepid discoverers of fortunes to seize said treasure without taking into account account the damage caused to the environment.

Antonio de la Nari, a native of Switzerland, responsible for the discoverer of the Cueva del Tesoro on May 14, 1847, was the person who dedicated his entire life to opening galleries and who for about three decades spent his life looking for the treasure of the "five Moorish kings". Hence, the name "Cueva del Suizo" has been maintained for years.

Source of the photo: Ayto. Rincón de la Victoria

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